Cognitive Distortions Mood Journal: Self-Help for Depression & Anxiety

Are you plagued by persistent feelings of sadness and worry?
Do you feel like you’re losing an uphill battle with depression and/or anxiety?
Have you given up on enjoying life and living it to the fullest?

This Mood Journal is just for you! Composed by licensed professional counselor, D’Antoinette Edwards MS, LPC, CPCS, this self-help workbook incorporates principles of cognitive behavioral therapy, an evidenced based treatment, for depression and anxiety. This mood journal invites you to regain control over your negative emotions by in as little as 28 days by:
Fostering introspection into your prominent thoughts and beliefs.
Identifying, understanding, and challenging the maladaptive thinking patterns that often lead to depression and anxiety.
Reframing your negative thoughts into ones that lead to feelings of happiness, satisfaction, and tranquility.

Cognitive Distortions Mood Journal: Self-Help for Anxiety & Depression includes clinical assessments for anxiety and depression to track your progress! Why suffer any longer?
Transform your emotions and become the person you were meant to be!