D’Antoinette Edwards
Certified Professional Clinical Supervisor

“Good supervisors take you to incredible heights. They help you learn to fly, providing the wind beneath you, and providing a net for when you fall.” – Nancy L. White-Gibson

Meet D’Antoinette Edwards, your Certified Professional Clinical Supervisor based in Georgia, offering a wealth of counseling expertise. With a rich background spanning all levels of care and a diverse clientele including children, teens, adults, and geriatric individuals, D’Antoinette brings a comprehensive understanding of therapeutic dynamics to her supervision practice.

D’Antoinette is adept at guiding individuals, couples, families, and groups through the therapeutic journey, drawing from an eclectic array of orientations and interventions. Her commitment to treatment customization ensures a tailored approach to every client’s needs, with a particular focus on Trauma and Christian Counseling.

In her role as a trauma-informed therapist, D’Antoinette is proficient in evidence-based treatments such as Brainspotting, Cognitive Processing Therapy, and Somatic Experiencing, enriching the supervision experience with practical insights and strategies.



Believing in the unique strengths and aspirations of each therapist, D’Antoinette fosters a collaborative environment where supervisees are empowered to develop and refine their therapeutic skills. Supervision sessions are thoughtfully crafted to align with the professional goals and interests of each individual, offering flexibility and support along the way.

Individual Supervision sessions are available at a competitive rate of $75 per hour, with scheduling tailored to accommodate the availability of both supervisor and supervisee. Take the first step towards enhancing your clinical practice and schedule a consultation with D’Antoinette today. For further information or to review D’Antoinette’s Curriculum Vitae, please refer to the links provided below.

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