D’Antoinette Edwards
Certified Professional Clinical Supervisor

“Good supervisors take you to incredible heights. They help you learn to fly, providing the wind beneath you, and providing a net for when you fall.” – Nancy L. White-Gibson

D’Antoinette Edwards is a Certified Professional Clinical Supervisor in the state of Georgia with varied experience as a counselor. D’Antoinette Edwards has worked at all levels of care and with children, teens, adults, and geriatric clients. D’Antoinette is well-versed in the facilitation of individual, couple’s, family, and group therapy. D’Antoinette is eclectic in her orientation and employs a variety of therapeutic interventions in her work with clients as her goal is to treatment customization. In addition, D’Antoinette specializes in Trauma and Christian Counseling. As a trauma informed therapist, D’Antoinette is trained in providing evidenced based treatments such as Brainspotting, Cognitive Processing Therapy, and Somatic Experiencing.

As a clinical supervisor, D’Antoinette believes in the individuality of every therapist, and works collaboratively with her supervisees to develop and enhance the therapeutic skills necessary to effectively diagnose and treat clients with diverse concerns.

Supervision is tailored to meet accommodate the professional goals and interests of supervisees. Individual Supervision is offered at a rate of $100 per hour. Supervision times are flexible and depend on the availability of the supervisor and supervisee. To schedule a consultation, or to view D’Antoinette’s Curriculum Vitae, please see the link and/or attachment below.

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